Code of Conduct

Code of business conduct and ethics

Tenaris has a Code of Conduct incorporating guidelines and standards of integrity and transparency applicable to all its employees and directors. This Code of Conduct establishes the ethical principles that form the basis for relations between the company, its employees and third parties and provides the means and instruments to give transparency to issues and problems that may have a bearing on the management of the company.

Tenaris also has a Code of Ethics for Financial Officers, which applies to its principal executive officer, principal financial officer, principal accounting officer or controller, or persons performing similar functions and is intended to supplement the company's Code of Conduct.

Shareholders' compliance line

Tenaris has set up a Compliance Line for investors to communicate their concerns directly to independent directors. Communications may be confidential or anonymous, and may be submitted in writing through our Shareholder's Compliance Line.

All such communications shall be promptly reviewed by our chief audit executive, and any concerns relating to accounting, internal controls, auditing or officer conduct shall be sent immediately to the chair of the audit committee.

All concerns will be reviewed and addressed by our chief audit executive in the same way that other concerns are addressed by the company. The status of all outstanding concerns addressed to the independent directors or the audit committee will be reported to the chair of the audit committee on a quarterly basis.

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